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Nduja Paste, 170g
Jen Townsend
Brilliant service - personal and ingredients always amaze!

Love the attention to detail and personal touch.. bens recipes are incredible and I love trying new cuisines and flavours. Highly recommend!

Panettone - Best in South West

Somerset Food delivered an early Christmas treat. These panettones are top end and I was delighted that I could find them at a more reasonable price here in Bath and have them delivered. Thank you.

Super fresh tasting Sau Tao Ramen Noodles

Incredibly impressed with how fresh these compared to a number of other Sau Tao noodles. Conveniently packed in three separate portions per 540g pack, the noodles soften up in minutes in boiling water. They mix equally well with laksa and ramen dishes.

Delicious! Goes with everything!

I buy this as soon as I start running out of it again, it’s very tasty! It obviously goes very well with any Far Eastern cuisine, but I even drizzle it on pizzas for extra umami - get the large jars when you can because you’ll quickly use it up, it’s that good!

Great product

Great taste Packed tin. Perfect for any recipe requiring chopped tomatoes.


………………………………… - oh sorry! I was too busy eating these fabulous buns to speak!!

Frozen Croissants and Pains au chocolat

These are the best frozen French pastries ever! They taste delicious and authentic like those from a French bakery. The whole process of ordering and delivery is smooth and straight forward. The delivery man is very friendly and delivered on time. Thank you! I'll order again.

Walnut Halves 500g
Louise Howell
Walnut Halves

Fantastic walnuts, lots of intact halves. They plump up beautifully when I soak them for my Louisebees Brandy Soaked Walnuts in Honey!

Scrumptious Sourdough

Love this sourdough. it's perfect with my morning poached eggs

Very tasty

We love these almonds. A good size and really tasty. No broken ones!

Great for baking

Until I bought these Pistoles I didn’t really use white chocolate in baking (mostly biscuits) as I had found it was easy to “caramelise" the supermarket purchased white choc chips. I haven’t found that at all with this great product which I use regularly.

Superb Quality

I would definitely recommend these plump raisins. They are great in baking, on porridge for breakfast or just for snacking.

Wow, probably made the best pizza we have ever eaten

These base are so light and flavourful, you cannot fail to make the best pizza you have ever eaten. We just used the Mutti Polpa and the Glastonbury mozzarella and the results from our normal domestic oven were fantastic. Thoroughly recommend

Hoisin Sauce

Fabulous Hoisin! Highly recommend, as I would so many of the incredible products stocked.


We had this with the Mutti Tomoato Polpa and they were perfect. 7 minutes in a hot oven and it was like being in Napoli. A selection of toppings were enjoyed - including some lovely Alejandro chorizo and Burrata cheese - also purchased with the bases. Will be back for more!!


Ben warned me that this stuff is addictive and he wasn’t wrong. It was delivered to our door (amazing) and over half of it had disappeared courtesy of teenage son before I got home. Luckily I did get to try some too so I can confirm it is delicious. Would be lovely drizzled on dhal, well on most things actually...

Best bread around!!

Joe Wilkin has ruined any other bread for me… I simply love the flavour of this sourdough loaf; so tasty but not overwhelming! it’s especially delicious if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one whilst it’s still warm from the oven… keeps well and freezes well too!

Tasty olive oil

So glad we found Somerset foodies and the SPERONI EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL.single estate extra virgin oil at a reasonable price and very tasty too!


Well tasty, will get some more soon

So convenient and delicious

I always have some of this sauce in my freezer. It is so convenient to take out the number of cubes I need and is a perfect topping for a pizza or sauce for pasta.

Fabulous sauce!

Deliciously thick and full of flavour!

Tasty eggs

Consistently good and full of flavour

Well well, I appear to have cultivated a cinnamon bun habit...

..& I don’t mind one bit.
We now have a weekly rolling order of 4 cinnamon buns. Fairly often there's only two in the box when we get home though.. Love them with a cup of tea, & as the weather turns we’ve been warming them in the oven - upside down, so that they don’t give up their gooey goodness to the baking tray.

Another great product.

Just love this soup paste, certainly something I think I will be sneaking into many things. Thanks for introducing it to me.

Great store cupboard staple

Good value and quality product