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Storecupboard staple

A lovely texture flour produced locally.

Carnaroli Rice, 1kg
Sally Uphill
Who knew?

Well, I thought that risotto rice was risotto rice. Then I tried this Carnaroli Rice and discovered I was wrong. A wonderful texture and taste. This rice is risotto rice.

Excellent pasta

This pasta has an excellent texture and flavour. A store cupboard must.

Perfect Gift for a Spice Fiend!

I purchased this as a birthday gift for a friend who is almost impossible to buy for! Knowing he's a foodie and loves spice, I turned to Somerset Foodie for something I know he'd find useful but also perhaps discover something new. The spice box was a perfect balance of old favourites (handily also ingredients he'd recently run out of) and a bunch of new ingredients he was excited to have a go with. There wasn't a dud item in the box and it was packed beautifully.

Quality butter beans

These are the best butter beans, they hold their shape and texture.

Great service, great food. Thank you Ben and Alice

Great xmas present

The Somerset Foodie kits make great presents. All in a neat box and great value.

We thought this was really nice. Went a long way and not too sweet

Lovely plump dates

Always plump and juicy. Much better value than the supermarkets

Quality chocolate chips for baking

Having previously used the dark chocolate pistoles I decided to try these milk chocolate ones. I wasn't disappointed. They were particularly good in chocolate chip cookies mixed half and half with the dark.

Calabrian chilli peppers

I bought these to make homemade njuda. They are very spice but have a distintive taste and smell. I cannot comment on the njuda as it has to hang for 4 weeks! The service from Somerset Foodie was great and everything arrived very well packed. The personal note was a lovely touch. Thank you.

Fussels Chilli Oil, 250ml
Katie Singleton
Delicious chilli oil

Perfect to drizzle on pizza

Walnut Halves 500g
Louise Howell
Top walnut halves

Fabulous! All halves, hardly any bits, just what I need, thank you.

Hechizos Stone in Olives, 350g
Jessica Louise Gabb
Delish olives 🫒

Went to a wedding in August, there were olives on the table and they were delish. Me and my pals have been searching for them and even asked the wedding venue...and then I found these and IT'S THEM. Delish and garlicky, perfect.

Dr Nature Basmati rice

only rice I use-works every time

Just love this mushroom sauce

Wonderfully tasty and such a useful accompaniment for so many dishes.

A perfect snacl

The Crisp Italian Flatbreads with Rosemary from Somerset Foodie are the perfect snack with a glass of Prosecco and a dish of olives.


The Perello Olive and Pickle Cocktail mix are the perfect addition to antipasti. Another excellent product from Somerset Foodie.

Very tasty

All the granolas in this line are delicious.

Dr Nature Basmati Rice

This is the best rice I have ever tasted!

About Indian Paratha Breads

We are from Ukraine and wanted to taste something new. We have tasted Indian Paratha Breads and are very pleased. It is enough just to put them in a hot pan and after two minutes they are cooked, it is delicious and you can eat it endlessly.

Delicious taste

We enjoyed the flavour of Ping’s Malaysian Black Curry and the portions were very generous.

Makes the best sourdough

Great flour/ I mix 50:50 with the Mathews brown and / or Cotswold Crunch. Really tasty loaves!

Best olives you can buy

Great olives - if you’re not an olive lover try these
Could only find them from Somerset Foodie - easy to order and quick delivery

Spicy,sticky and scrumptious !

We love to treat ourselves to these awesome Cinnamon Buns ! Definitely the best we've tasted anywhere.Seriously addictive......