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Jimmy's Satay Cheeseburger, Pickles, Sriracha Mayo, Milk Bun

Jimmy's Satay Cheeseburger, Pickles, Sriracha Mayo, Milk Bun

Come on foodies... UP YOUR BURGER GAME! Our great friend Ping Coombes gave me this awesome burger recipe which incorporates our fabulous Jimmy's Satay sauce. The secret lies in good quality beef that's been really well seasoned, adding strong melted cheese, a sharp crunch from Shedletsky pickles and sauerkraut, creamy spicy mayo and a great bun, lightly toasted on the grill. It really is very straight forward, simple and quick to do but with an epic outcome.

Recipe for Jimmy's Satay Cheeseburger, pickles, sriracha mayo
Serves 3

For the beef patty
500g good quality beef mince
2 tablespoons Jimmy's Satay Sauce
2 tablespoons panko breadcrumbs
2 teaspoons Shedletsky's Everything Seasoning
1 teaspoon light soy sauce

The rest of the ingredients
3 Lievito milk burger buns buns, lightly toasted
Slices of mature cheddar, enough to generously cover 3 burgers
2 tablespoons of Kewpie mayo
2 tablespoons of Sriracha
Shedletsky Bread & Butter Pickles
Shedletsky Curdito (South American sauerkraut)
A few handfuls of rocket
A little oil

1. Start by making the beef patty's. Thoroughly mix all the ingredients together and then with a fair amount of slapping between the hands, shape the beef into three patty's. Chill in the fridge until ready to cook.

2. Mix together the Kewpie mayo and sriracha. Taste it and if you want more kick, add a little more sriracha.

3. Pre-heat your oven grill to it's hottest setting.

4. Heat a ridged grill pan (or on a hot bbq) until smokin' and lightly toast the buns on both sides. This will not take long so don't walk away! Keep the heat on the grill high, ready to cook the burgers.

5. Lightly oil the burgers then drop them on the hot grill. Turn the heat down to medium high and cook the patties (without turning or moving them around) for around 1½ minutes. Turn them over and cook on the other side for another 1½ minutes.

6. Place the cheese slices over the top of each burger and place them under the grill until the cheese melts. Remove and allow to rest for a couple of minutes.

7. To construct the burger, generously spread sriracha mayo over both sides of the bun. Place a handful of rocket on the base and top with the burger. Arrange some bread and butter pickles and some curdito over the top of the patty and finish with the second half of the bun.

Now tuck in, a good burger should be juicy and slightly messy to eat, so make sure everyone has a napkin. Enjoy! Don't forget to tag us @somerset.foodie and leave a review for this recipe when you've made this at home. Ben 

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