Cheeseburger - Shedletsky Style

Cheeseburger - Shedletsky Style

Making a good burger is a real craft. I have to say this as I wrote the recipe, but this burger was AWESOME  - everything that a great burger should be and with very little fuss. 

There are three things that you have to get right for your burger to taste sublime.

1. The beef patty. Use good quality beef mince and some tasty seasoning (I never use egg). I always play around with the seasoning, but here I've used a combination of Shedletskys Everything Seasoning plus a good squirt of chipotle mash and the result was great.

2. The bun. Supermarkets struggle to offer a good burger bun, brioche is OK but it often falls apart and can be too sweet. Our milk buns from Lievito are the perfect bun - a firm texture so it won't fall apart but with a lightness so you really taste the burger filling - you don't want to be chewing through loads of bread.

3. The Toppings and Sauces. Essential to any good burger. Like all good dishes, you are trying to introduce contrast in taste and texture - crunch, sharpness, heat, creaminess are all good in a burger. Here I've used a combination of our Shedletsky ingredients - Kimchi Mayo, Bread & Butter Pickles, Curtido Sauerkraft plus a good drizzle of hot sauce.

Ingredients for Cheeseburger - Shedletsky Style
Serves 3

For the beef patty
500g beef mince
1 tablespoon chipotle mash
3 teaspoons Shedletsky everything seasoning
A extra pinch of salt
For the bun
3 Lievito Milk Burger Buns
For the Kimchi Mayo
2 tablespoons of Shedletsky Original Kimchi
2 tablespoons of Japanese Kenko Mayonnaise 
For the other toppings
Mature Cheddar Cheese, sliced
A few rocket leaves
Shedletsky Bread & Butter Pickles
Shedletsky Curdido South American Sauerkraut
Shedletsky Hot Sauce

1. To make the beef patties, mix all the ingredients together and form them into three patties. Try to make them slightly wider in diameter than the burger bun - they will shrink slightly in the cooking process.

2. To make the kimchi mayo, chop up the kimchi a little and mix with the mayo.

3. Pre-heat a ridged griddle pan/bbq/frying pan so it's smoking hot and turn on your oven grill to maximum heat.

4. Slice the buns in half and toast each side lightly in the ridged grill.

5. Lightly oil the burgers before placing them on the hot grill. Grill for a couple of minutes on each side, placing some cheese slices on top whilst the second side is cooking. Remove the burgers to a tray and finish in the oven grill to melt the cheese.

6. To construct each burger, spread a little kimchi mayo on the top and bottom of each bun, place a few rocket leaves on bottom part along with the cooked cheese burger. Top this with bread & butter pickles, curtido sauerkraut and hot sauce......enjoy!

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