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Pan fried Chilli Courgette Penne Pasta

Pan fried Chilli Courgette Penne Pasta

This super easy, really healthy dish is really inexpensive to make, and an ideal mid-week meal to pull together when you are short of time. There is so much lovely fresh green veg in season at the moment, you can substitute the courgette and Swiss chard for whatever you have to hand - broccoli, spinach, broad beans or peas. We used some delicious round green courgettes and Swiss chard that came in our weekly veg box. 

Bring a large pan of water to the boil, with plenty of sea salt so that you can taste a bit of saltiness in the water before you add your pasta.

Add your pasta to the boiling salted water to start it cooking. Our Armando Penne pasta takes 10-11 mins. 

Meanwhile, cut your courgettes into large chunks, pan fry them for 2-3 mins with one crushed chipotle chilli in rapeseed oil at quite a high temperature so they start getting some nice colour on them. Once the courgettes are half cooked, smash up the garlic and add it into the pan. Turn the heat down, add 4/5 cubes of Sugosi Tomato & Basil sauce, then allow to cook for 2-3 mins longer until the frozen sauce cubes have melted, before adding the roughly chopped Swiss chard leaves. Turn the heat off to allow this mixture to sit for a few minutes while the Swiss chard leaves wilt down at little, and the pasta finishes cooking.

Once the pasta is cooked,drain and add to your courgette pan, gently fold everything together. Rip up the basil leaves and add them to the pan, we whacked some rocket in too. Grate in the Pecorino cheese and drizzle with extra virgin olive oil. Enjoy! 

Ben Tollworthy, Somerset Foodie


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Katie Singleton
Katie Singleton

September 14, 2020

2nd dish using your delicious ingredients only this time following your recipe. End result was extremely tasty , and because the products are such high quality very little extra seasoning was needed. We have a ginormous amount of courgettes in our garden so this recipe will become a weekly staple!

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