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Suree Extra Rich Coconut Milk 400ml

Coconut milk is an absolute staple in so many world cuisines.  Widely used across South East Asian, Sri Lanka, parts of Indian, the Caribbean and South America.

To give the richest, creamiest flavour you want a coconut milk with a high fat content. Ours comes from Thailand and with 18% fat content, it's as good as it gets.

Allergens: none

Type: Asian

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Paul Dickinson
Wonderful Coconut Milk

This is a truly fantastic coconut milk. Lovely and creamy and gave a real depth to my Thai green curry. Will definitely be buying this again and again as it’s so much better than even the top brands from my local supermarkets. Just wish I’d found this before. Give it a go and I promise you, you too will not go back to any other.

Excellent product and excellent value

This coconut milk has a very high % of coconut (read the label next time you’re in a supermarket- this stuff is >80%) and is reasonably priced considering. Definitely adds something special to your dish…

So much better than supermarket

Thicker, creamier and so much more tasty than supermarket brands.

Thick and creamy

This coconut milk is very rich and creamy. You can make lovely Thai curry with this.

Virginia Garaux
Perfect with green curry paste

Made a really delicious green curry with this coconut milk and your Thai green curry paste- fab!