Japanese Sushi Kit Box

Making sushi is great fun and far more straightforward than you might think. This Sushi making kit give you all the basics to get you started. All you need is to choose your favourite fillings and you're away.

This kit will allow you to make at least 90-100 pieces of sushi, with some ingredients to spare.

This kit contains the following ingredients:

Haruka Sushi Rice, 1kg
Mizkan Rice Vinegar, 500ml
Sushi Nori sheets, 10 sheets
Wasabi Paste, 43g
Pickled Ginger, 340g
Sushi Bamboo Rolling Mat

Individually, the products in this kit retail for £17.05
By purchasing this kit, you save £1.55

Here are some classic fillings for your home made sushi:

Fresh Salmon
Smoked Salmon
Fresh Tuna
Fresh Mackerel
Smoked Mackerel
King Prawns
Spring Onion
Red Peppers
Red Chillies

But don't just go by this list or what convention dictates - it's great to be creative and go a little wild....BBQ pulled pork, katsu chicken, hoisin duck!

Type: Kit Box