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Karimix Rendang Curry Paste, 175g

A classic Indonesian dish, enduringly popular and delicious. A blend of coconut, cardamom, chillies, cinnamon, galangal and lime leaves, the flavour combination is sensational.

Unlike other 'wet' curries, Rendang is cooked until most of the liquid has reduced, concentrating the flavours and making it super tasty.

Traditionally the spice paste is made by pounding the ingredients using a pestle and mortar, it's quite a time consuming process. If you are going to use a ready made paste, make sure it's a good one and our Karimix rendang paste is as good as it gets. This jar of magic makes it possible to knock up a quick rendang with very little fuss.

Its also vegan and gluten free. 

Allergens: none.

Recipes that use this ingredient:
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Type: Unknown Type

Customer Reviews

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Nathan Miller
Best Rendang curry paste…………ever

Best Rendang curry paste, the wife had a veggie curry and we had chicken absolutely beautiful. Will be trying more varieties of Karimix

Mark Cadbury

I cooked this with some pork last night and it was just fantastic. My wife said it was probably the best meal I have ever cooked - and it was 95% the Rendang curry paste.