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Momoya Rayu - Fried Garlic Chilli Oil, 110g

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The incredible Momoya Taberu fried garlic chilli oil is quite mild in chilli heat but really packs a punch on flavour. It's so so good - foodies you will be addicted in no time. Drizzle this on just about anything from gyoza, fried rice and noodle dishes, to eggs, soups, meat and vegetables.

With pieces of fried garlic, onion, sesame seeds this condiment will quickly become your go to foodie kitchen ingredient.


Ingredients: Rapeseed oil, fried garlic (15%), garlic palm oil, sesame oil, chilli pepper (4.5%), fried onion (onion palm oil), flavour enhancer: E621, sugar, salt, chilli soy bean paste (water, chilli, pepper, salt, soy beans, rice, naked barley), paprika, grated sesame seeds, onion powder, soy sauce powder, chilli soy bean paste (chilli pepper, soy beans, salt, rice, water), antioxidant: E306.

Type: Oil

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Dominique Fitz -Simons
Yum in a jar

You know when you meet someone and within moments know you are about to become great friends? Well that how it was, when following Bens suggestion, I first tried Momoyo Rayu. I was initially sceptical, it’s just another Chinese jar of something to sit in the cupboard. I was wrong. This little pot of taste never sits anywhere for long. Delicious garlic flakes magically crunchy and sweet are suspended in a crafted blend of chilli and oil. I use it loads. Delicious to add to dishes, to marinate in and just last night, spread onto of a bagel under a slice of toasted cheese.


Ben warned me that this stuff is addictive and he wasn’t wrong. It was delivered to our door (amazing) and over half of it had disappeared courtesy of teenage son before I got home. Luckily I did get to try some too so I can confirm it is delicious. Would be lovely drizzled on dhal, well on most things actually...


What did I do before I discovered this product? It adds a yummy twist to so many dishes. I can’t live without it!

Steve Daniels
Moorish, Sumptuous, Glorious Food

So absolutely gorgeous I sometimes eat it straight from the jar with a spoon.
Its one of the best tastes you could find, crunchy little onion and garlic slivers in a fabulous oil.
But don't just take my word for it. Buy some you won't be disappointed.