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Whole Dried Ancho Chillis, 100g

Ancho Chillies are simply a dried Poblano Chilli, they are a mild tasting. They are among the most commonly used dried chilli in Mexican cuisine and with their fruity, earthy flavour are perfect for salsas, traditional moles or even a good ole 'Chili con Carne'.

To use these chillies  - first rip them up, then toast them in a dry pan for a few minutes, soak them in boiling water for 20 mins, then blitz them into a paste and add into your chilli, soup, stew, salsas, marinades and anywhere else you need a nice rich smokey flavour.

Recipes that use this ingredient:

Spanish Chickpea Stew with Fino Sherry and Roasted Peppers

Allergens: none.

Type: Mexican