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Japanese Ramen Ingredients Kit Box

Ramen is such a celebrated dish around the world, it's the perfect combination of textures and flavours. It's a labour of love and certainly if anybody has gone to the trouble of making you a bowl of ramen, it must indeed be love.

This kit box of ingredients is everything you need to make a variety of different ramen dishes that will satisfy your craving for the great dish.

Ramen Noodles
The key difference that separates Ramen noodles from other noodles is that they are made with alkaline salts. This gives them a springy, bouncy texture.

Kombu Seaweed
Vital for making dashi stock, an important part of good ramen.

Dried and smoked fish that's shaved into wafer thin strips, it adds intense flavour.

Dried Shiitake Mushrooms
Drying mushrooms intensifies the flavour, they are like little flavour bombs that add umami by the spade full.

This sweet cooking wine has a sweet flavour with that's really versatile and widely used in lots of Japanese recipes.

Everyone's heard of Sake, not many people have it around the home but it's great in Japanese cooking - just like the French use plenty of wine to add depth to their cooking.

Soy Sauce
Comes in many forms and important across the board in Japanese cooking.

White Miso
Made from fermented soy beans, it's full of umami with a rich, sweet flavour. Try using miso where you may just use salt to season your'll be amazed.

Toasted Sesame Seeds
The flavour of sesame seeds are transformed when you toast them, they become rich and nutty and great for sprinkling on your finished dish.

La-Yu Chilli Oil
Drizzling a flavoured oil on your Ramen really brings the whole dish together and this little bottle packs a punch.

Shichimi Togarashi
Sometimes referred to as Japanese Seven Spice, this is a lovely spice to sprinkle over finished dishes to add a little extra piquancy. Made with the zest of mandarin oranges, red chilli pepper, black sesame, dried seaweed and Sansho Pepper, you'll find yourself reaching for this little jar all the time.

Follow this link to my recipe for Shoyu Pork Ramen

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