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HS Chinkiang Black Rice Vinegar, 550ml

Black Rice Vinegar has a wonderful complex flavour. It's slightly smoky, slightly sweet with a sharpness that lifts and accentuates flavours.

Use it when making dipping sauces, braised meat dishes, in soups and broths.

Recipes that use this ingredient:
Dan Dan Noodles
Ginger & Chilli Green Lentils with Pan Fried Salmon and Yoghurt Dressing
Kung Pao Chicken

Allegens: GLUTEN (wheat)

Ingredients: Water, Glutinous Rice, Wheat (Gluten) Bran, Sugar, Salt

Type: Vinegar

Customer Reviews

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Paul Dickinson
Great product

Struggled to find black rice vinegar in any of my local shops so was pleased to be able to get here. Slightly smoky taste and used in many of my Chinese recipes. Will definitely buy again once I need more.