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Essential Cuisine Vegetable Stock, 96g

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A good stock is one of the fundamental elements to so many dishes, from soups and risottos, to sauces and stews. It provides the depth of flavour that makes your food taste really good. 

Up until now, Essential Cuisine has only been available to professional chefs who need a top end product to make the difference between home cooking and restaurant cooking.

The commercial brands of stocks and bouillons that you see in the supermarkets spend more money on their advertising than they do making their product taste good - Marco Pierre White and Knorr......really!

This stock is in a powdered form (no fat to bind it into a cube), simply dissolve 8g or a heaped teaspoon into 500ml of boiling water and you have a brilliant tasting stock. 

This stock is gluten free and suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Allegens: CELERY

Type: Stocks