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Dashi Kombu Seaweed, 4oz

Seaweed is an important part of the diet in Japan, there are dozens of varieties that are eaten on a daily basis. Kombu is part of the kelp family and is a key ingredient in making 'Dashi Stock'. As well as containing lots of really great vitamins and minerals, seaweed has strong umami properties - the 5th element of taste which sort of describes 'savoury deliciousness'.

The classic way of using kombu is to soak it in cold water for about 4-5 hours at room temperature and then bring everything up to the boil, removing the kombu just before it boils.  You would then add Bonito Flakes and leave for a further 30 minutes before straining through kitchen paper - see my recipes for Kombu Dashi Braised Shin of Beef.

Alternatively, you can just slip a piece kombu into a traditional stew, in much the same way you would use a bay leaf.

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Allergens: None
May contain MolluscsFish & Crustaceans

Ingredients: Dried Kombu Seaweed 100%

Type: Seaweed