Chilli Flavours Gift Box

When we eat hot chillies the body naturally releases endorphins that cause a physical 'rush' and keeps us craving for more. For all those lovers of chilli, we have a brilliant selection of chilli sauces that will liven up any dish....well, maybe not cornflakes!

Our pack contains chilli sauces from Mexico, Japan, China, Italy and Spain we have a one of each of the following;

210g LaoGanMa Crispy Chilli Oil
This Chinese chilli oil is one of our best selling products and simply makes everything you put it on taste amazing, from stir fries, eggs, soups and stews....warning, this chilli oil is quite addictive!

110g Momoya Rayu
A seriously tasty, crispy garlic and chilli oil from Japan and one of my personal favourite's. Drizzle it over noodles, rice, eggs, ramen, grilled meats or use as a dipping sauce for dumplings.

33ml Japanese La-Yu Chilli Oil
A beautifully tasting Japanese chilli oil with a lovely kick, so much so that inside the lid is a button that dispenses the oil drop by drop. Perfect for soups, broths, noodles and rice.

220g Clemente Jacques Mashed Chipotle Chillies
Such a great, versatile chilli product in a handy squeezy bottle, so simple to add a quick squeeze of your favourite chipotle chilli to stews, marinades, sauces - it's great to mix with mayonnaise.

120ml El Yucateco Extra Hot Habanero Salsa
No self-respecting chilli lovers pack would be complete without the one that blows your head off! With habaneros grown in Mexico's Yacatan Peninsula, the home of the Habanero, the flavour is outstanding.

220g La Costena Salsa Ranchera
For the ultimate Mexican breakfast, Heuvos Rancheros.....eggs with chilli - see our recipe for this.

310g Madama Oliva Calabrian Hot Peperoncini Chilli Peppers
Calabria is the region at the very Southern most tip - the 'toe of the boot'. It's famous for growing beautifully hot, sweet chilli peppers. Here they are chopped and preserved in oil, ready to drizzle over pizza, used in pasta dishes or spread over toast with soft cheese.

70g Las Hermanas Hot Smoked Paprika
Smoked paprika is the taste of Spain and Las Hermanas have been producing the very best for over 80 years.

Depending on availability, we may have to substitute products in this pack for equivalent value and type.

If we are sending this via mail order, the gift box items will be wrapped and padded to protect during shipping.

The following allergens are contained in this pack:
Please consult the labels of the individual packs for further information

Type: Kit box

Customer Reviews

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Perfect Gift for a Spice Fiend!

I purchased this as a birthday gift for a friend who is almost impossible to buy for! Knowing he's a foodie and loves spice, I turned to Somerset Foodie for something I know he'd find useful but also perhaps discover something new. The spice box was a perfect balance of old favourites (handily also ingredients he'd recently run out of) and a bunch of new ingredients he was excited to have a go with. There wasn't a dud item in the box and it was packed beautifully.

Jo Kangurs

I bought the chilli lovers gift pack along with a jar of momoya rayu as a Christmas present for my husband. All the sauces are delicious and Ben wasn’t wrong when he said we would become addicted to the momoya rayu - a bulk order will be needed in the new year!