Chilli Lovers Gift Pack

When we eat hot chillies the body naturally releases endorphins that cause a physical 'rush' and keeps us craving for more. For all those lovers of chilli, we have a brilliant selection of Mexican chilli sauces, the home of the chilli, that will certainly liven up dinner time.

In our pack we have a one of each of the following;

150ml Chipotle Salsa
It seems that here in the UK we discovered chipotles about 10 years ago and have gone crazy for them ever since. The great flavours of the smoked jalapeno are perfect with taco's, avocado, grilled meats and fish.

150ml Jalapeno Salsa
The bright, fresh flavour of the jalapeno pepper shines through in this classic chilli salsa.

120ml Extra Hot Habanero Salsa
No self-respecting chilli lovers pack would be complete without the one that blows your head off! With habaneros grown in Mexico's Yacatan Peninsula, the home of the Habanero, the flavour is outstanding.

120ml Black Habanero Salsa
This is a unique sauce, packed with flavour. Not quite as hot as the red habanero, but it tastes amazing and is perfect with grilled meats and vegetables, burgers, hotdogs and tacos. 

370g Mashed Chipotle Chillies
Such a great, versatile chilli product in a handy squeezy bottle, so simple to add a quick squeeze of your favourite chipotle chilli to stews, marinades, sauces - it's great to mix with mayonnaise.

220g Salsa Ranchera
For the ultimate Mexican breakfast, Heuvos Rancheros.....eggs with chilli - see our recipe for this.

All these six items would normally retail for £16.35, take advantage of our fantastic pack and save £1.35. A perfect gift for all those chilli lovers out there.

Depending on availability, we may have to substitute products in this pack for equivalent value and type.

Type: Kit box

Customer Reviews

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Jo Kangurs

I bought the chilli lovers gift pack along with a jar of momoya rayu as a Christmas present for my husband. All the sauces are delicious and Ben wasn’t wrong when he said we would become addicted to the momoya rayu - a bulk order will be needed in the new year!