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Edamame Beans, 454g (Frozen)

Edamame Beans are young soybeans that are popular in East Asian cuisine. They have a stunning, bright green colour and are like little jewels in salads, rice dishes, wraps and stir-fries. They are a great way to give your food a protein boost.

DELIVERY OPTIONS: OVERNIGHT EXPRESS ONLY.  We make a surcharge on the shipping charge to cover the cost of the insulated packaging. Whilst we do everything we can to ensure your goods will arrive in the best condition, we cannot guarantee any delays with our shipping partners which may compromise the temperature that this product arrives in.

Follow our recipes that use this ingredient:

Grilled Asparagus with Warm Black Rice Salad, Edamame Beans, Confit Tomatoes, Lemon & Garlic Dressing

Allergens: SOY

Type: Pulses