Haruka Sushi Rice, 1kg

There are numerous varieties of rice in Japan. Sushi Rice is part of the Japonica rice family and are short, slightly translucent grains of rice that are ideal for making all types of sushi.

To cook sushi rice, it's really important to give the rice a good wash under cold running water - do this several times until the water is almost clear. Cook the rice using 1 part rice to 1.25 parts of water.

To get that distinct sushi rice flavour, you'll also need to season the rice. Mix up 3 parts Rice Vinegar, 2 parts caster sugar and 1 part salt. Mix this through the rice once it's cooked and still hot.

The other important factor is to try and cool the rice down as quickly as possible, so spread the rice out on a tray, but cover it with a damp towel of kitchen paper.

Type: Rice