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Naturelo White Harina de Maiz, 1kg

Masa Harina is a Mexican corn flour used to make tortillas, gorditas, sopes, cakes and sweets. Without corn, there would be no Mexico - it's the staple food throughout the country and is consumed by all Mexicans virtually every day of their lives.

Tortillas are simple to make fresh, naturally gluten free and taste amazing. They are simple to make using a tortilla press, but you can also easily press them out between two sheets of cling film and two chopping boards. Here's the basic recipe;

Corn Tortillas
Serves 6
450g Harina de Maiz
250ml Hot Water
1tsp Sea Salt

Combine the harina de maiz, salt and the water in a bowl and stir until it becomes moist, but not sticky dough.

Shape the dough into individual golf ball sized balls. Place the dough between two sheets of clingfilm and using two chopping boards or a tortilla press, press down to flatten the tortilla out.

Heat a non stick pan and cook the tortillas for 2-3 minutes on each side.

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