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Mexican Feast Kit

Mexican food is one of the most popular global cuisines and for good reason, it's so damn tasty. This kit box is perfect for those who crave the flavours of authentic Mexican food, plus it's everything you need to make three of our great Mexican recipes:

We also include a recipe card for the tacos al pastor.

This kit has enough ingredients for at least 30 portions of the recipes above with some ingredients to spare.

Three Packs of Authentic Mexican Tacos (1 traditional & 2 taquera)
Authentic Mexican tacos are always soft and shouldn't be mistaken for the hard shell 'Tex-Mex' varieties. Tacos have a distinct flavour of corn and are naturally gluten free. To cook our tacos, you simply heat them for 30 seconds on each side on a medium to hot (dry) pan. They are best eaten whilst still warm, so keep them wrapped in a cloth or taco warmer once you've cooked each one. If you have any left over, wrap them up and they keep well in the fridge for around a week.

Dried Ancho Chillies
These chillies start out life as Poblano Chilies and once dried they are referred to as Ancho Chillies. They have a slightly smoky flavor with some fruitiness and are great in marinades and sauces. They are mild in heat.

Dried Guajillo Chillies
Guajillo chillies are one of the most commonly used chillies in Mexico. They are sweet in flavour with slight berry and green tea flavours and have a mild to medium chilli heat. In Mexican cooking, they are almost always paired with other dried chillies such as ancho and pasilla and they are a favourite in traditional mole sauces.

Dried Pasilla Chillies
Pasilla Chillies are dark in colour with wrinkled skin and have an earthy flavour with a medium to low heat and hints of dried fruit. They are used extensively in moles and marinades.

Chipotle in Adobo
Chipotle chillies are smoked jalapenos, they are usually sold either dried or soaked in adobo sauce. As well as adding it to stews, marinades and salsas, it's brilliant mixed with mayo.

Mexican Green Tomatillos
Although these simply look like green tomatoes, tomatillos are in fact not part of the tomato family - they are cousins of the gooseberry. As a result, they are zingy and tangy and make the perfect green salsa.  Just blitz these up, add finely diced white onion, fresh coriander and green chilli and serve with tacos, grilled meats or fish. 

La Costena Salsa Taquera
Made by one of the best loved brands in Mexico, this fiery salsa is made using arbol chillies and tomato. It's the classic taste of Mexican Street Tacos.

El Yucateco Salsa Habanera Red
The range of salsas from El Yucateco are really popular in Mexico, they taste amazing and are perfect for adding some extra oomph to your tacos. 

The Salsa Taquera may contain soy, milk, celery, sesame.

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Customer Reviews

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George Jones

Banging kit. Loved the ancho chillies - blended them up into a mean marinade.