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Tajin Lime Pepper Seasoning 142g

Wow. This will quickly become one of your 'go to ingredients' to add a little zing to all kinds of dishes. Works brilliantly on avocado, great to season chicken, fish and seafood and a quick shake over salads really makes a difference. It's also awesome with fruit, particularly mango and pineapple and will turn your Bloody Mary into a triumph.

A must have ingredient in every foodies kitchen cupboard.

Allergens: none

Ingredients: Chilli peppers, salt, dehydrated lime juice, and silicon dioxide (used for anti-caking)

Type: Mexican

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Alex Macneil
Tajin pepper - game changer

This is my favourite Somerset Foodie thing by miles. On eggs, on avocado, on sliced tomatoes, on fish, on pasta…I can’t think of anything that wouldn’t be enhanced by this. My palate picks up way more citrus than heat or pepper which feels secondary to the lime- it’s a perfect balance and an easy way to give even basic meals an instant boost. Love love love it.

Mexican heaven

We ate this on all sorts of raw vegetables when we lived in Mexico, especially cucumber and carrot and it gives them a zing. My children (and I) are thrilled to have found it here. Yum!

A restaurant secret!

Once you've tried it, you'll never go back!

New store cupboard essential!

This is amazing, particularly good on salmon. Will definitely be buying more.

Thanks Jane! We absolutely love this too - soooo good on avocado or scrambled eggs.