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Rice Paper Wrappers (22cm) 400g

It's always worth the small amount of effort required to make Vietnamese Summer Rolls, they are such a treat. Cram them full with fragrant prawns, chicken or pork, a few rice vermicelli noodles, plenty of fresh herbs (coriander, mint, decide), shredded lettuce, julienned carrots and cucumber and you're away. Of course, anything really goes when it comes to summer rolls, it's all down to you.

The final piece of work is to knock up a quick Nouc Cham dipping sauce - this is a slightly watery in consistency, but utterly intense flavoured sauce made from Fish Sauce, Sugar, Lime Juice, Chilli and Garlic.

These Rice Papers require gentle patting with water to re-hydrate them, expert summer roll makers will all have their own technique, just get them wet enough for them to be pliable enough to roll, but not soaked for too long so that they become difficult to work with and tear.

Allergens: none

Ingredients: Rice flour (90%), water, salt.

Type: Asian