Chatley Farm Rich Chocolate Brownies 250g, 4pcs

These are no ordinary brownies. They are made by a highly respected chef and friend of ours, Jo Pobjoy in her kitchen about 1 mile away from us here in Somerset. Jo has been perfecting her brownie recipe for years and we can honestly say we have never, ever eaten a more perfect brownie. They are rich, gooey, indulgent with that delicate, tantalisingly light crisp frosting layer on the top.

Yes, there ARE only 4 brownies in a pack, but they are really large and will feed more than 4 people! Believe us when we say - keep them well hidden. They won't last 5 minutes in your house.

Ingredients: Dark & white chocolate, butter, eggs, sugar, vanilla, salt & flour

Allergens: Soya, Egg, Lactose, Gluten   

Type: Brownies