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Middle Eastern Ingredients Set

Middle Eastern food has such a wonderful combination of flavours from aromatic spices and fresh herbs through to silky tahini and fresh citrus fruits. Chefs like Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamini have given us great inspiration to cook wonderful Levantine dishes and this ingredients kit is perfect for anyone who shares in our passion for this great cuisine.

This kit contains a mixture of great quality tahini with some fantastic spices alongside some delicious and more unusual ingredients to explore:

The kit contains:

Single Origin Humera Tahini, 200g
The green and fertile low lands of Northwest Ethiopia are recognised the world over for growing the best quality sesame seeds. Med Cuisine's award winning natural tahini is made from 100% Humera sesame seeds and this delicious, smooth tahini is incredibly moreish.

Black Tahini, 310g
Med Cuisine's black tahini is made from 100% black sesame seeds for an intensely nutty and rich flavour. In the same way as traditional tahini, use this in hummus, over roasted meats and vegetables, in cakes, cookies, muffins and breads.

Organic Chilli Tahini, 200g
Med Cuisine organic tahini is a seriously tasty, nutty tahini with a lovely kick from the red chillies and paprika added during the grinding stage. Try adding this tahini to your home made hummus, drizzling over roasted vegetables or just spreading it on toast.

Chermoula Paste, 185g
Chermoula paste as a classic Middle Eastern spice paste that is used for everything from marinating, drizzling, rubbing and generally seasoning. It's great with vegetables, fish, lamb, prawns, chicken, flatbreads, mayonnaise, sour cream...pretty darn flexible.

Shawarma Spice Mix, 60g
Shawarma is an iconic street food dish served right across the Levant. Made with a wide variety of spices, it's a world away from Turkish Donor Kebabs or Greek Souvlaki. This spice blend is perfect for simplifying the roasting and grinding process involved in making Shawarma from scratch yourself.

Baharat Spice Mix, 60g
Translating as 'Spices', Baharat spice blend is distinctly Arabic. The blend can vary from region to region but generally contains around a dozen different spices. This aromatic spice blend is fantastic with lamb, chicken, fish, pulses and grains.

Hawaij Spice Mix, 60g
Hawaij spice is an intense Yemenite spice blend that will bring warmth and fragrance to your dishes, it's a bit like Yemen's answer to ras el hanout or garam masala. Use it liberally as a dry rub for grilled meats, add it to couscous and other grains, it's particularly good with fruit - try it with an apple pie and carrot cake.

Chocolate Tahini, 200g
Move over Nutella, here's the new kid on the block! Med Cuisine's Chocolate Tahini combines the delicious and nutty roasted Humera sesame seeds with raw cacao and cane sugar for a decadent spread. Spread this on toast and top with banana, add into milkshakes and smoothies or stir into porridge, it tastes amazing.

Medjool Date & Cacao Spread, 440g
Med Cuisine's Medjool date and cacao spread is an irresistible combination of earthy raw cacao with the beautifully sweet and caramel flavour of Medjool dates. Medjool dates are native to Morocco and are known as the 'the fruit of kings'.

Sweet Sesame Butter Tahini Sauce, 310g
This sweetened sauce combines the nutty flavours of sesame with fragrant vanilla to create a sauce that's amazing drizzled over pancakes, chocolate brownies, used in smoothies, porridge or anywhere you want to add sweetness.

Looking for some inspiration on how to use these ingredients, we have some great recipes to follow:

* Baharat Spiced Lamb Kofta with Pickled Red Cabbage and Tahini Sauce

* Shawarma Chicken with Tahini Sauce

* Chocolate Tahini on Toast with Sliced Banana

Allergies contained in this kit box:
Please check individual labels for further details, some products are made in an environment that also handles NUTS

Type: Kit Box

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