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Lao Gan Ma Preserved Black Beans in Chilli Oil, 275g

Lao Gan Ma chilli oils are great for enhancing flavour but when they contain umami rich black beans, they go off the scale. Use this Chinese oil as a topping or condiment for stir fries, drizzled over rice dishes, with braised meats and tofu. (Also known as Laoganma)

Try this as a topping on our Dan Dan Noodle recipe

Allergens: SOY

Ingredients: Soybean oil (40%), fermented soybean (soybean, water, salt) (30%), chilli (25%), sugar, flavour enhancer: E621.

Type: Asian

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Er….. WOW

Bought this after reading Ben’s descriptions. Incredible! Added some on top of a noodle dish. Little bursts of umami flavour. Will be eating all the time. So glad to be introduced to it

Delicious ingredient

Bought this as a substitute for dried fermented black beans and I suspect my dish (twice-cooked tofu with leeks & garlic) actually turned out all the better for it. Tempted to throw a spoonful into more Asian dishes from now on!