Indian Paratha Breads 15 pcs (Frozen)

Indian Paratha Breads are widely eaten through India and the sub continent. They are made by a process of layering dough over itself (think of puff pastry.)
They are perfect for mopping up curries and as an accompaniment to Indian food. They are a great alternative to naan breads which are sometimes too stodgy. 

These frozen parathas are raw and therefore require cooking. Heat a non-stick dry frying pan (medium/hot temperature) and toast the parathas for about 30 seconds on each side. As they cook, like puff pastry you will see them rise up a little. This is when you know they are done.

There are 15 Paratha Breads in every pack.

Please note that these Paratha breads are frozen, they are not available for Mail order but we're happy to offer Local Delivery or Click & Collect.

Allergens: Soy bean, Wheat.

Type: Unknown Type

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