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Grana Padano 24 Months, 300g-400g

Grana Padano is often seen as the poor the cousin to Parmesan but quite frankly, it has lots of flavour and is perfect to accompany the best pasta dishes or simply to be eaten straight from the block, with a great quality balsamic vinegar and a glass of red wine.

The Grana Padano region is just north from the parmesan region in the Po Valley and is a larger area with less rigorous production regulations. Essentially though, they are made in very similar ways and therefore share the same characteristics. 

Our Grana is hand cut and as such each piece will vary in weight, however the minimum you can expect will be 300g, but often you will get much more.

Allergens: LACTOSE, EGG

Ingredients: Milk, salt, rennet, lysozyme of egg

Type: Cheese

Customer Reviews

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David Scarrow
A delicious reminder of Italy

If times were normal we would have been frequenting visiting Tuscany but sadly Covid has certainly put a stop to that however fortunately thanks to Ben and Alice their Grana Padano 24 Month old cheese is the perfect antidote allowing us that special taste of Italy at home. Thank you so much.😁

Flaky and full of flavour

every bit as good as the best Parmesan