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Biryani Kit Box

Biryani is such fantastic comfort food, we love it. This kit box gives you 10% OFF the retail price of all the 4 items combined.

1 x Biryani Paste @ £3.50
1 x Dr. Nature 2kg Basmati Rice @ £5.40
1 x 500g Cashew Nuts @ £6.20
1 x Pockeredge Pantry Spiced Squash & Apple Chutney @ £4.00

Total Box Value £19.10
Kit Box Price £17.20

Follow this link to the full recipe and 'How to make' video.

To create this recipe, you will also need to purchase

1 x Medium Cauliflower
2 x Sweet Potatoes
2 x Large White Onions
1 x Large Bunch of Fresh Coriander
Vegetable Stock
Rapeseed Oil
1 x 500g Pot Greek Yoghurt
2 x Red Onions
1 x Cucumber
4 x Fresh Tomatoes
1 x Lime

Type: Kit Box