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University Student Ingredients Kit

We've created this University essentials ingredients kit as a starter pack for anyone heading off to University. It will feed them for weeks! We hope that these ingredients and Ben's accompanying recipes will inspire you to cook healthy, nutritious meals while you're away from home. Follow Ben's recipes on the Somerset Foodie blog, with video tutorials on our YouTube channel if you need a guiding hand to find your way around the kitchen. We've included some popcorn (healthy snack), some Rubies Ketchup (delicious) and a tub of Manilife peanut butter because it's a brilliant energy-hit when you've been working hard on those tricky essays or had a late night out and need reviving!

Somerset Foodie 'Back to Uni' Ingredients Kit includes:

1 x 5kg bag of Penne Pasta  @ £8.50

4 x cans of pulped tomatoes 400g @ £1.00 each 

1 x 5kg bag of Basmati Rice @ £12.00

1 x Goan Curry Paste 175g @ £3.50

1 x Korma Curry Paste 175g @ £3.50

4 x Coconut milk 400ml @ £1.00 each

2 x Pad Thai Sauce 250ml @£4.00 each

2 x Rice stick noodles 400g @ £1.75 each

1 x Blanched Peanuts (for Pad Thai) 500g @ £2.50 

 1 x Fussels Cold Pressed rapeseed oil (for frying) 500ml @ £4.50

1 x Rubies in the Rubble Tomato Ketchup 300g @ £2.95

1 x Popcorn kernels 750g @£1.60

1 x Manilife Original Smooth peanut butter 295g @ £3.75

Total value of items £59.35 - So buying the bundle gives you 10% OFF!

Try out some of Ben's recipes using these ingredients. There are videos to help you out if you get stuck.  Impress your friends and eat healthily while you're away from home - we hope you have the time of your life.

Simple Pad Thai Recipe- use tofu, chicken or just veg

Goan Curry Recipe  - you really don't need to make this with fish, you can use any other meat or veg as a substitute

Chicken Korma Recipe - if you don't want to bother with fancy pilau Rice, plain rice will do!

Pan fried chilli courgette penne pasta Recipe - or substitute courgettes with any other vegetables you really love

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