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Burrata Cheese on Sourdough Toast

Burrata Cheese on Sourdough Toast

Foodies this is so simple and delicious. Our super-creamy Burrata is made by the Maldera family who have been making cheese since 1972. One of the difficulties with Burrata is that it has an incredibly short shelf life. We have a brilliant frozen product, there are 3 x 100g balls in each pack and they defrost perfectly, giving you all the flavour and texture you would expect.

To defrost fully - remove from packaging and defrost at room temperature for around 4 hours.

1 Pack of Burrata cheese
Cherry tomatoes
Sourdough slices
Garlic clove
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Aged Balsamic vinegar for drizzling

1. Toast a generous slice of sourdough
2. Rub the toast with a bruised garlic clove
3. Generously drizzle olive oil all over the toast
4. Break the burrata open and let the creamy middle ooze out
5. Scatter chopped cherry tomatoes
6. A good pinch of sea salt and a twist of black pepper
7. Go for it with more fruity olive oil and a few drizzles of aged balsamic vinegar!

Enjoy - and foodies don't forget to tag us in your social feeds or leave a review here if you make this at home. 

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